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What Clients Have Said

Annie has been a friend and colleague for more than twenty years. She has been instrumental in my personal, creative, and personal life to assist in the navigation of my ability to create a vision of possibilities that I could deliver in my professional career. Her unique and innate ability to help people visualize their potential is an incredible asset to her profound passion to help people grow, which she does with empathy and insight. Her coaching skills are unlike any I have ever experienced, which has changed the way I think about myself and my contributions to the world.

Jo Coppola, MA, LPC, Certified Graphologist,

Annie is compassionate, perceptive and professional; much of her life has been dedicated to teaching, supporting and empowering men and women to find and achieve their goals. She has a natural ability and intelligence in matters of the heart, the soul and the path that lies ahead and can find clarity in the most complex of situations.  Annie made me aware of how powerful I am in directing my own life and was there to support and guide me through the inevitable change that I had been resisting, change that I had also unconsciously engineered.  I wholeheartedly recommend Annie – she is a brilliant, vibrant soul who will show you where to find your compass and how to read it.

Leslie C, Galway, Ireland

Annie is a truly gifted intuitive coach and astrologer. She gets right down to the heart of the matter! I have appreciated her guidance for the past 5 years and look forward to all of our interactions. I am excited for her new courses and offerings. I highly recommend her!

Crystal W. New York

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